Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Josiah!

Untitled from patty hull on Vimeo.

Josiah you turn 5 years old today and you are very excited about it!  For some time now you have been anxious to be 5.  The other day you asked me if you would burst out of your clothes on your birthday!  You figured that you would be growing a lot that day.

You sure have grown into a wonderful 5 year old boy!  We marvel at you daily.  Wondering how you come up with some of the funny things you say.  Enjoying hearing you talk to us, telling us things that are important to you.  We love watching you play and wrestle with Levi, tenderly helping him when he needs it.  You are trying very hard to 'play' with Abby lately too.  I think you are learning to understand her more and hoping to engage her in your world of play.  It's very sweet to see you hold her hands or bring her toys.  It makes me smile to see that you have placed her baby doll in her bed, long after we've turned out the lights.

You are such a joy!  Your giggle is so contagious and your smile melts our hearts.

We love you to the moon and back... 1000 times!

Mommy and Daddy

ps. music in video requested by Josiah: especially Yesu Azali Awa by Selah!


Christy Younger said...

Oh!!! I loved watching one of my favorite little boys in the whole world in that video! So precious!!! Happy Birthday, sweet 'Siah!

marym said...

Oh my, does this make us miss the Hull family even more! Hope Josiah had a wonderful day! Thank you for the precious video!