Sunday, March 20, 2011

Countdown to relief

 Flash back...

Abby after her open Nissen Fundo procedure June 2004

Tomorrow is the big day.  Abby's surgery is scheduled for 9 am and we need to be there for pre-op by 7 am.  The plan is to attempt a laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication.  Due to Abby's multiple, previous, abdominal surgeries (6) there is a possibility that the scar tissue present will prevent this from happening.  The doctor will then have to revert to an open procedure which will make recovery much harder for Abby.  

An open procedure would mean he would make one long incision down her abdomen as opposed to several tiny incisions.  She had the open Nissen at age 9 months and it helped her tremendously.  She was failure to thrive before the surgery.  This is also when she got her G-tube.

This weekend our family has had a cold, and Abby has been sick.  She's been running a fever (100.6-101.4) since Friday night and has had over 16 seizures.  We are praying her fever will clear before tomorrow morning.  Although we recognize once again that Abby is in the Lord's hands... we have NO control over the situation.  We know He has heard our requests.

Today we are home, preparing for the next several days and trying to rest.  The boys are a little under the weather and fussy, but nothing too terrible.

Praying earnestly that tomorrow will bring comfort and relief to our sweet heart!

Thank you to all who are praying!!  We love you all.

The following video explains a little about this surgery:


Christy Younger said...

Wow, cool video. Been praying for my girl, and you all, all day today. Love you guys- keep me posted about tomorrow :)

Gena said...

We are praying at our house for you all this morning. Many blessings sent your way.
Love The Spearing Family