Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2

Abby had a pretty good night.  She woke up a few times with pain and stayed restless for a few hours, but the IV meds are working their magic.  It scares her when she tries to cough and is caught off guard when it hurts.  Poor baby, I wish we could explain it to her!

Surgery made their rounds this morning nice and early (5:45 am)!  They thought she looked good and said we could clamp off her g-tube drain and vent her periodically instead.  The plan is to start feeds back slowly tomorrow and see how she does.  We are giving 2 of her seizure meds through the tube and she's keeping quite a bit of residual in her stomach, so I'm glad we aren't in a hurry to push feeds.

It's been a good day so far.  She was agitated for a few hours this morning after moving her around, changing her diaper and getting her cleaned up a little.  She came back from surgery with a tan 'beard' residue left on her face from being intubated.  It took a little scrubbing to get that off.

Another praise:  no seizures!  They had some trouble getting her VNS turned back on to her original settings and we were a little concerned that might cause problems for her during the night, but she has done great.  I found myself really praying during the night when she was agitated that she wouldn't go into one.  That would hurt!

The staff here has been wonderful and very quick to respond to her discomfort.  So far we have loved all of her nurses and they are taking great care of our girl.

Thanks for all the notes, emails, messages and calls of encouragement and celebration!  It's always nice to feel a connection with friends and family during hospital stays.  We love you all!

Hope to be home tomorrow night if all goes well with feedings tomorrow!

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The Caldwells said...

I just got caught up on your blog... I've been MIA for awhile as well. Just know that I think of you & your family very often and when I do I pray for you all. Blessings dear Patty!!!