Friday, August 12, 2011

Family week in the Smokies!

Last week our family met up with Papa and Grandma (Hull), Matt and Connie at a wonderful cabin near the Smoky mountains.  It was a special time together of wading in the river, hiking up Clingman's Dome, cooking together and lots of playing pool (for the guys)!  I think it was just what our family needed...

Levi's favorite- rock throwing + splashing!

Having trouble sleeping... hmmm

Visit with Dad!

Last month we had a wonderful visit with "Pipai" from China!  We had a great time together catching up on this past year and discussing the possible future including more time together.  All the cousins enjoyed having Pipai nearby as they played together.  The kids each got their own turns riding in the Cobra!  Such fun.

Can't wait for our next visit from our China Granddad!

Norah Rose wearing her Chinese hat!

Waiting patiently for their turn...