Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 years of Signing Time!

In our journey of raising a deafblind child this tool was incredibly encouraging!  We were introduced to Signing Time when Abby was about 2 years old during an evaluation with a deafblind organization.  After ordering our first 3 volumes of Signing Time we were hooked.  We finally had a fun and useful tool to help our family learn to communicate with Abby.

Although we have to adapt ASL signs to be able to do them into her hands (b/c of vision loss), this was a step in the right direction for us.  After our #2 child came along and watched the DVD's with us we were amazed how quickly he picked up the signs too!  By the time Josiah was 2 years old he could easily and clearly communicate with us what he needed/wanted.  And, I have to add, signing with Josiah Enhanced his speech and helped his vocabulary at a very early age.  I remember being warned by well meaning folks that using sign language with children would delay their speech.  Not so!  Josiah is a very verbal child.

I enjoyed watching the interviews with the creators and cast of one of our favorite shows, and thought some one out there might as well.

*(pause the ipod at page bottom before viewing)*

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My night stand

I was thinking recently about books that I want to read this year, but first wanted to reflect on my night stand in 2011...

Many of these books helped to redirect my attention towards my loving Heavenly Father on days that I felt like giving up.  Some were rich with encouragement straight from scripture, giving hope.  Others helped me gain back a thankful heart, regardless of circumstance.

My (hopeful) list for 2012...



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dossier complete!

This week we put the final touches on our Dossier, double and triple checked signatures, packed it up with love and sent it off to our agency!  Wow, what a relief.  So much time and energy and prayer has gone into this package of papers... we were almost afraid to let it go.  Would it be weird to frame a copy of it?  It almost feels like we should expect some sort of reward for the 8 months of effort we put into it.  Wait, we will!  A new little person to add to our family!

A brief run down on what's in our Dossier:

Adoption application
Birth certificates- verified/notarized, out of state certified
Marital Status Certificate- verified/notarized, out of state certified
Certificates of profession
Certificate of Income and Property
Health examination certificates
Certificates of no-criminal records- up to date police letters
Homestudy report
CIS approval- very important and last piece!!
Copy of passports
Family photographs- 8-10 pics of our family living life
Passport size photos- 2 photos each

Now we wait for the final certifications and authentications needed.  We'll keep you posted on the next big step-  DTC:  Dossier To China!

New Fun

The kids got a gift this Christmas they've been wanting!  We were very thankful when a friend offered to give us theirs. (Thanks Steve!)  Since Christmas we've ALL enjoyed bouncing and laughing together on it.

When the weather gets a bit warmer I think Abby will like it too.