Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fishing with Christy and Jack Younger and the boys

Josiah and his bluegill
Jack and Levi
Jack with his fish

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Article 5!!

We received yet another approval today!  The US consulate in Guangzhou has approved our little one's visa application.  The much anticipated Article 5 letter will be delivered to the China adoption headquarters, where they will issue our travel approval.

It's so fun to be at this stage of a very, long process.  Travel approvals take between 1 and 4 weeks to be issued!  Once we have this last approval in hand we can start making our travel plans to pick up our little boy!!

Our to-do list is gradually getting shorter.  We have our passports and visa's in hand!  Now we can start creating a PACKING LIST!!  Whoo hoo!

One more photo piece to share while we wait...

Monday, September 17, 2012

  Empowered To Connect from Tapestry on Vimeo.

We had the privilege of attending this AMAZING conference this past weekend!  Some special friends loved and cared for our boys while my mom cared for Abby.  It was a big Team effort.... in more ways than one (for those who know the weekend drama)!

{Thank you Clarks, Powells and Kinzers!}

All drama aside, we learned so much about the hurt and loss some children have experienced when they come to us through adoption.  The Empowered to Connect conference broke down the "why" and gave the "how" to reach the hearts of children and help lead them to our Heavenly Father for healing.  We will certainly be pouring over this material over the next several weeks as we wait to travel.

We hope to go again in the future!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby!

Dear Abby,

 In the days leading up to your birthday, we always remember and talk about the day we met you.  We were so proud of you!  What a tiny fighter you were.  Too small to touch and yet possessing a will to live, outweighing anything we've ever seen.  You even surprised your doctors!

Now you are 9 years old and so mature.  You have grown quite a bit this year since having your reflux surgery. You are now 41 lbs.  Your sweet face has a wise look, and we've noticed you making some new facial expressions too.  Each day you make efforts at communicating with us, although we are slow to learn your language.  Thank you for being patient with us.

One day, when we are in heaven, we will sit and talk together.  Then we will know all the things you were thinking and feeling, and the dreams you had, and things you were afraid of.  But for now we want you to know how very much we love you!  How richly you have blessed your Daddy and me!  How we cherish your Big sister role in our family.  How we are still very proud you!

We love you Sweetheart!  Happy 9th Birthday!!