Abby's story

Abby is our first child and was born at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation.  Her early arrival was very unexpected and certainly began a long journey of learning about our Heavenly Father in new ways for Patrick and me.

She weighed 1 lb 5.5 oz (610 g) at birth and was a little over 11" long.  Because of her prematurity she encountered numerous complications during her 6+ month NICU stay.  There were many days of uncertainty as she fought to live.  It was truly amazing to watch our tiny baby battle through disease, infections and surgeries like a brave warrior!  The Lord held her during those days as I know He carried us as well.

She's 9 years old now and continues to struggle from complications of her prematurity.  She is diagnosed as deafblind, has CP, seizures, severe reflux and is tube fed among others.  What a joy and privilege to have her as our child!  There are plenty of tears and difficult days, but we have found God's grace to truly be sufficient.  Some day we will see with new eyes what God was preparing for her.  She is precious and we love her so.

For those interested in her micro preemie details, below is a brief list:

Grade IV bilateral IVH- subgaleal shunt first, then VP shunted (one revision 2010)
NEC- with bowel perfs twice (drains then illeostomy)
ROP stage 4 and 5- laser and vitrectomies
vented for 8 weeks
G-tube and Nissen Fundoplications
VNS- seizures

First week- under seran wrap and bili lights

Fighting to survive after bowel perforations and sepsis

First Christmas

Recovering from one of many surgeries (VP shunt)

First feeding- November 2003 (2+ months old)

Finally HOME! 6 months and 1 week old- 5 lbs 9 oz

Abby with her primary nurse, Corie!