Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday was spent taking Abby to have more tests done to rule things out.

We had the privilege of visiting the PICU. The docs there generously offered to draw blood for more labs. Knowing Abby is a difficult stick these folks shared their care and skill and effortlessly drew the blood we needed. They were wonderful and we appreciate that they made a potentially stressful situation very easy indeed!

Her labs were normal! Our first praise.

x-ray of her belly showed her tube to be right where it should be. 2nd praise.

A one hour EEG showed no changes. In fact there were no spikes (seizure activity) present at all during that hour. 3rd and biggest praise!

Although we are so very thankful for the good news from yesterday, Abby's vomiting continues today.

We are praying for healing and restoration for our sweetie. She has been sick for so long it seems and we are all feeling drained.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


(This picture pretty much sums up the last 2 weeks)

Abby is still not well.

Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since her long seizure and she hasn't been able to bounce back from it. Getting the stomach bug soon after this event didn't help.

After 12 days she is still vomiting and unable to tolerate her formula. She is pale and lethargic, sleeping the days away.

We took her in for an exam last Thursday and got some labs done. She wasn't dehydrated which was what I was worried about. Since she hasn't improved over the weekend we will be taking her in again tomorrow, probably for more blood work and possibly additional testing.

Most likely she will be scheduled for an EEG with neurology. We want to check for any changes since the seizure.

We appreciate all prayers for Abby!

8 months old!

It's been a big month for our little tyke. There are no boundaries now, anything on the floor is fair game! Even J's lunch crumbs... yuck. (I promise I try to sweep them up before he can get to them.)

In the meal department he hasn't branched out too much. Butternut squash, peas, apple sauce, squash, green beans, bananas, blue berries and pears mixed with rice or whole wheat cereals complete his menu. He consistently gags with the peas and green beans, hmmm.

Our big announcement: His first Sign! "Eat" of course. We've been trying to consistently sign "eat" and "more" during his solids meal time, and a few days ago he grasped his two chubby fists together and patted his little mouth several times!! He even repeated it several times with a cute smile. (haven't captured this on video yet)

Since then I've noticed him making the "finished" gesture, but I'm not sure he knows that one yet. Sure is cute though.

He weighs about 19 lbs and has plenty of adorable chub. Two teeth are proudly peeking through his bottom gums now.

Still sleeping through most nights, although lately he has decided to wake up at around 4 or 5 am... mommy is not thrilled with this.

So much Joy!

PS. We really don't let him play with the finger nail clippers!

Year of the Tiger

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate we made these...


And it looked like this...

... outside!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gymnastics Fun

Patrick captured some video several weeks ago of Josiah at gymnastics.  I love watching him.  He brings so much joy to us.

I can see him getting good at this some day...

(He sticks out his tongue when he's nervous)


PS.  Abby and I are still recovering here, and still in jello/gatorade/pedialyte mode.  Hoping to be able to eat ice cream again soon... I miss it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


(If this little face doesn't say it all...)

Of the Stomach Bug!!

Yes, it's true.  It has hit our house!

I'm finally getting over it and feeling much better today... after 3 days of feeling pretty terrible. (And for those who know me well know that I HATE this kind of sick!)  I'm actually starting to eat regular food again (instead of jello and gatorade).

Now poor little Abby has it.  She's throwing up and looking like she feels miserable.  She has been pretty listless for the past few days and I could tell she was sick.  (not sure if it was lingering from last week, or something new)

We always worry when she is sick... even if it's just a little cold.  With this bug it is a challenge to keep her hydrated.  Thank goodness for her GJ tube!

So, as you might imagine this week has been one of those weeks where you just let things go.  The house is a wreck (except the kitchen, thanks to my hubby), the laundry is piling up to a scary height, no hearing aids or orthotics are being worn and therapy is canceled... again.  I'm kind of surprised J and L are being fed.  (Reminds me of 2 other looong times in my life where we lived like this... hmm.  Lasted about 9 months)

At times like these I'm really thankful that I'm ok being alone.  Not going out for anything or any reason can get tiresome, but so far the walls aren't closing in on me yet.

We are officially hibernating, or quarantined... which ever fits.

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Tooth!

I felt Levi's first tooth today!  We knew he was working on one for the past several months (it seemed) and it's finally made it's entrance.  whew.  

He actually does seem happier today.

First crawling, now teeth... Slow Down!  It's true that every stage is fun and precious, but I have to say it makes me sad to think he won't be a baby much longer.

At least he isn't sitting yet.  

He has started saying "ma ma" and "da da" which he added to "ba ba."  So far I've only heard "ma ma" when he is crying.  Oh well.  I'll take it however it comes.

Abby is still recovering from Monday's long seizure.  She is still very tired and some what "floppy."  Typically after receiving a lot of seizure meds she feels like a limp dish rag when you pick her up.   Although she is starting to gain back some tone, she is still pretty limp.

Her leg is sore from where they stuck the intraosseous needle, but it looks pretty good!  Only a small bruise next to the stick spot, no swelling or anything worrisome.   She is moving her leg,  although I can tell she is favoring it.

We canceled all therapy for this week to let her rest.  I'm glad we did because she is still running a low grade temp.  She also had her first tonic clonic seizure today since being in the hospital.  Poor baby, she really isn't feeling well.

Thanks to all who prayed and sent notes of encouragement.  It means a lot to us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home Again

Abby is home.  

She is surprisingly alert after having seizure drugs pumped into her system.  To our surprise she continues to have the staring seizures today.  

Her poor leg is very sore.  They inserted an intraosseous needle (EZ IO) into her tibia to give her medication after 4 unsuccessful IV sticks.  The last time they had to do this she didn't move her leg for over a month.  I'm hoping this time she won't have the same problem.

We are all glad she and Daddy are home.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Long Seizure

Abby is in the hospital tonight after a 40+ minute seizure.  

We suspected that she was getting sick today.  She has had a low grade fever and spent most of the day having seizures and recovering from them.  The total came to 12 seizures before she started the big one.

Patrick is with her, but I wish I could be.

Last night I got home from a weekend trip to California to celebrate my Grandmother's 80th birthday.  I took Levi with me, but unfortunately he got sick on the way out there.  He ran a fever for about 3 days which meant he screamed and cried the majority of the time with my family... and on the plane


We had so much fun with my family and enjoyed listening to stories about my Mom's growing up years.  I think Grandma was very surprised and felt very loved!  I'm glad I got to be there with my sis.  We had some fun girl time on the plane together during the few moments Levi slept.

All this to say... we are exhausted.  And Abby is sick.

They want to keep her overnight b/c she has had so much medication and her seizure lasted too long.

We are both thankful this didn't happen while I was away.