Wednesday, February 10, 2010


(If this little face doesn't say it all...)

Of the Stomach Bug!!

Yes, it's true.  It has hit our house!

I'm finally getting over it and feeling much better today... after 3 days of feeling pretty terrible. (And for those who know me well know that I HATE this kind of sick!)  I'm actually starting to eat regular food again (instead of jello and gatorade).

Now poor little Abby has it.  She's throwing up and looking like she feels miserable.  She has been pretty listless for the past few days and I could tell she was sick.  (not sure if it was lingering from last week, or something new)

We always worry when she is sick... even if it's just a little cold.  With this bug it is a challenge to keep her hydrated.  Thank goodness for her GJ tube!

So, as you might imagine this week has been one of those weeks where you just let things go.  The house is a wreck (except the kitchen, thanks to my hubby), the laundry is piling up to a scary height, no hearing aids or orthotics are being worn and therapy is canceled... again.  I'm kind of surprised J and L are being fed.  (Reminds me of 2 other looong times in my life where we lived like this... hmm.  Lasted about 9 months)

At times like these I'm really thankful that I'm ok being alone.  Not going out for anything or any reason can get tiresome, but so far the walls aren't closing in on me yet.

We are officially hibernating, or quarantined... which ever fits.


gracie :) said...

Oh, I am so sorry! Hope you all get better soon. We miss you guys like crazy!

Christy Younger said...

Oh, my sweet family!! I'm praying so hard for you all, poor Abby's face in that picture :(

The Ahmeds said...

Ouch! being sick isn't fun...I'll agree with you on that!!! A few weeks ago, Noah and I had the flu ( he missed his trip with his Cub Scout troup to the U.S.S. Alabama) and it's aweful....good thign you guys don't have it!I'd be really hard on Abby.