Friday, February 12, 2010

Gymnastics Fun

Patrick captured some video several weeks ago of Josiah at gymnastics.  I love watching him.  He brings so much joy to us.

I can see him getting good at this some day...

(He sticks out his tongue when he's nervous)


PS.  Abby and I are still recovering here, and still in jello/gatorade/pedialyte mode.  Hoping to be able to eat ice cream again soon... I miss it!


marym said...

Didn't know you've been sick . . . so sorry to hear and will pray for the Father's healing hand upon you and Abby.

Thanks for sharing this great video of Josiah!

The Ahmeds said...

Super cute! I love the balence beam, uneven bars, adn the medal ceremony!!! They are super funny! I cant imagine how fun it is to be around him!