Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday was spent taking Abby to have more tests done to rule things out.

We had the privilege of visiting the PICU. The docs there generously offered to draw blood for more labs. Knowing Abby is a difficult stick these folks shared their care and skill and effortlessly drew the blood we needed. They were wonderful and we appreciate that they made a potentially stressful situation very easy indeed!

Her labs were normal! Our first praise.

x-ray of her belly showed her tube to be right where it should be. 2nd praise.

A one hour EEG showed no changes. In fact there were no spikes (seizure activity) present at all during that hour. 3rd and biggest praise!

Although we are so very thankful for the good news from yesterday, Abby's vomiting continues today.

We are praying for healing and restoration for our sweetie. She has been sick for so long it seems and we are all feeling drained.


The Ahmeds said...

Sorry about Abby :( , but wonderful that the results were normal!

marym said...

We love Abby and all of you! Praying for God's hand of healing upon her - and grace and strength for her loving family.

Amy said...

Just read your comment on my blog and was so happy to hear from you! Levi Patrick is adorable - congratulations! I am so sorry to hear that Abby isn't well right now. Each time I visit your blog I am so touched by your strength. I know you are so weary sometimes, but what a wonderful mother you are to all three of your children. I hope she starts feeling better soon!