Sunday, February 21, 2010


(This picture pretty much sums up the last 2 weeks)

Abby is still not well.

Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since her long seizure and she hasn't been able to bounce back from it. Getting the stomach bug soon after this event didn't help.

After 12 days she is still vomiting and unable to tolerate her formula. She is pale and lethargic, sleeping the days away.

We took her in for an exam last Thursday and got some labs done. She wasn't dehydrated which was what I was worried about. Since she hasn't improved over the weekend we will be taking her in again tomorrow, probably for more blood work and possibly additional testing.

Most likely she will be scheduled for an EEG with neurology. We want to check for any changes since the seizure.

We appreciate all prayers for Abby!


gracie :) said...

I hate this for her! We'll be praying.

The Ahmeds said...

Poor Abby...I feel sorry for her.The stomach bug isn't good; at least she doesn't ahve the flu...Noah and I had it last month or so, and it's not a picnic.