Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recovery continued

Abby and I are home alone this morning as our boys have gone to church.  It's nice to be just the girls for a while.

She is recovering very well and each day seems to be more comfortable for her.  Coughing has become a problem and she seems to have a lot of chest congestion.  The coughing hurts I'm sure so she is hesitant to do a big cough to clear her lungs.  Today each breath seems to bring on a very weak cough.  I can tell it's tiring her out.

I'm trying to change her position often to help her cough better and move the secretions.  They sound pretty thick.  Praying it doesn't develop into anything.

Her incisions look wonderful!

The best part of all is that her fingers are healing!  She isn't biting like she used to which is a huge, huge praise.

Feedings are still going well and she is almost to a target continuous rate during the day.  We'll probably stay on continuous until she is fully healed and then gradually introduce small bolus feeds again.  The thought of not having to drag the feeding pump everywhere we go really excites us!!  Carrying Abby, minus her tether, will be so much easier.  Hooray for improvements!

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23 weekers said...

Happy to hear things are going good. Abby looks good.