Wednesday, March 9, 2011

19 months

(no hair cut yet)

Our littlest munchkin just keep growing and changing every day.  He is really trying to talk more these days and makes a solid effort to repeat us.  Most of the time his words sound about the same, but some are becoming clearer.  He still signs and loves to watch our happy response to his attempts at communication!

New words:  bread, no, Grandma "Gem," Papa, shoes, socks, book, ouch and oh no.  He loves to announce that he is stuck, which happens frequently thanks to his adventurous spirit.  He gets stuck on counters, stuck climbing Abby's potty chair, stuck in his high chair (which he can climb into and out of now), stuck under chairs and stuck upside down.

(singing and playing the piano)

He makes us laugh so much!  What a joy to have this little munchkin with us, shining joy into some rather dark and sad days.  This past weekend we spent time with Papa and Grandma.  It was so good to see Papa smile and play with Levi.  They are buddies.

Levi also likes to tell me that he needs a Dye dye (diaper), as he pats his pants in the front.  Then he walks funny to demonstrate that he's uncomfortable.  When I ask him if he needs a diaper change he vigorously shakes his head NO and runs away!  So funny!

And no, we are not potty training yet!!  (can you tell I'm dragging my feet)


marym said...

Oh how we miss your family! Thank you for the update on sweet Levi. Can't wait to see him and all of you in a couple of months! Love to all.

coriejones said...

I wish I had been working the day you came by the NICU! Miss you all so much! So glad that Sam is home, I have been following his carepage. March of dimes is on April 16th at concord park. We will have a team and shirts. I will email you also! Love you guys!