Monday, July 5, 2010

Special visitors

The boys are off at the pool and as I sit with Abby who has a little fever I thought I should update a bit.

We've had a wonderful week of visitors!  First my mom and dad came for a short but sweet time together before they head back to China.  After some good talks, good food and fun just being together we said good-bye for another stretch of separation.

This past weekend Papa and Grandma were here and the kids enjoyed more grandparent love!  We all headed to the botanical garden and later celebrated Papa's birthday on Saturday.  Patrick and I got up early to sneak out for a quiet breakfast together yesterday morning, thanks to grandparents!  This might become a new tradition... "date breakfast"!  If only I were more of a morning person.

There is another new visitor that arrived at our door step Friday, although not a temporary one.  Our last appointment with Abby's neurologist we discussed her seizure patterns and complications associated with the status (prolonged) seizures that she is prone to.  The doctor has ordered home oxygen for an extra measure of support during times of cluster seizures or illness that usually leads to the long, stressful seizures.  So now we have a concentrator, 2 O2 tanks and one portable tank at our house.


The Ahmeds said...

Glad y'all had a good time with the grandparents!! Medications! WOW! Y'all are a busy family!

marym said...

Have been wondering how you guys are doing. THANKS for the update! Glad you had such a great time with all the parents. Miss and love y'all!

Kiera Rose said...

I hope the O2 helps. Kiera has had febrial seizures before (but does not have epilepsy). i know they are scary. The doc said the combo of her low O2 SAT and high fever could induce seizure, so maybe that O2 help will offer some relief. You have a beautiful family. Our girls are so tough! :)