Thursday, July 22, 2010

Season of Calm

These past several weeks life has seemed pretty "normal."  I'm appreciating the lull in all things exciting and stressful.  Summer school for Abby has been a bit lower key and our schedule has allowed time for other things, which has been nice.

Updates on Abby...

Eyes- she had her yearly retinal exam last week and pressure check.  The doctor was encouraged that she is showing more visual interest in her world.  Her right retina is completely attached still and has potential for vision.  I even got an ultrasound picture of her retina... something that holds a lot of emotion for me and Patrick.  Her pressure was 23 which is stable.  He changed her two drops twice a day to a combo medication that is only one drop twice a day.  Nice!

GI- We are still feeding Abby through the 'temporary' G-button.  She seems to be tolerating her continuous drip, and we have slowly started introducing small bolus feeds... just to see how she will do.  Today at hearing clinic she weighed 34 lbs, up 2 lbs from a previous check.  Our dietician still wants her to weigh more and showed me that she is well below the growth curve.  To get her to 3rd %ile she needs to weigh 40 lbs.  We will start giving her a higher calorie formula soon.

Ears-  Both looked good today.  Her left hearing aid is acting up so it has been sent for repairs.  Testing in the booth showed responses b/w 50-80 db without her aids!  This is considered moderate.  But we still don't know how clear speech is with or without her aids.

We are looking into the possibility of a future wheel chair accessible vehicle.  Right now we are just gathering information, prices etc about this option to make the best choice some time in the near future for our next family vehicle.  The bigger and heavier she gets the more pitiful my back feels.  Thinking of the possibility of being able to wheel her in and out of the van sounds pretty nice!


gracie :) said...

So glad for some calm in your life! It's got to be nice to take some deeper breaths for a change. Sweet happy for good reports. Hope you guys have a wonderful time with family!

marym said...

Great to hear Patty. A wheelchair accessible van sounds wonderful and I hope it works out. Am praying for that right now - and for your back. Love the photos. Love you all!