Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Counting Stars

We just got back from an incredible weekend!  Friday night we had the pleasure of attending an Andrew Peterson concert in our home town, Oak Ridge Tennessee!!  Whoohoo!  He is one of our favorite music artists so we were really looking forward to this event.  My cousin Emily is adopting a child from Ethiopia and had this brilliant idea of asking AP to do a concert to help raise money!

He sang several songs from his newest album, Counting Stars, which is wonderful!  My brother in law (Lee) got to sing Matthew's Begats on stage with him which thrilled Josiah! (This is one of his favorite songs)  Ben Shive sang a song requested (4th of July) by my 6 yr old niece, Anna, which was really special.

Josiah got to visit with AP for a few minutes after the show!  This was so fun to watch.  He told AP all about Levi and the words he knows and a little about Abby.  So sweet.  After hearing that Abby is the big sister Andrew asked J if she takes care of him.  Josiah thought for a second and said, "no, I take of her."  He laughed and said that was great.  Little did he know how true it is.

AP, Ben Shive and Andy Gullahorn talking about "Counting Stars"...

My Sis and I got to hang out alone together Saturday after a fun day at a water playground!  A perfect solution to a scorching hot day.

A bitter sweet portion of our time together was spent at a celebration of life service for a long time family friend who passed away last week.  It was amazing getting to hear about all the lives he touched and the way he reflected Jesus until his last moments.  I just hurt for the family that is left behind, although they showed such hope in the midst of their sadness.

Sunday Abby got sick with a fever and proceeded to have 12 seizures that day.  Our plans for camping were put on hold as we tried to get her stable with meds throughout most of the day.  The Diastat was out and ready to be used, but thankfully we didn't have to make a hospital trip this time.  Monday was spent resting and trying to get Abby feeling better.  That night we got to have supper with Matt and Connie at Big Ed's (our favorite O.R. pizza!) to catch up after their trip to Europe!

Tuesday we spent the day on the lake!!  Such fun.  We went out on Papa and Grandma's boat, swam a little bit, soaked in the sun, ate at a neat little restaurant and fished.  Levi wasn't a happy camper most of the time, but took a short nap while we cruised.  J and A enjoyed the water!

Now we are home and Abby still isn't feeling great.  She has a low grade fever and has had a seizure today, so we are just chilling at home.  There is enough laundry and cleaning to do to keep us busy for several days!


Christy Younger said...

Miss you guys so much already. What a special visit we had! Love you guys so much!!

The Ahmeds said...

I love your pictures~ they are great!!! Sorry Abby isn't feeling well....:(