Wednesday, July 21, 2010

13 months

Our littlest munchkin is 13 months old!  He is 20 lbs 14 oz and very active.  Table foods are preferred over baby food now, which in some ways is easier.  I just loved making his food so much, I miss knowing he is getting great nutrition.  These days he eats what he eats, and it's not always the healthiest.  Veggies are hard for him to chew with his 8 front teeth so he tends to go for the breads and crackers.  

He is still cruising and walking with our help, but has no problem jetting up our stairs... very quietly I might add.  When he is caught he giggles and tries to climb even faster!  so funny

The nightly wrestling matches with Daddy have become more interesting to him.  He joins in at will but often retreats quickly after.  He likes to make sure Mommy is nearby for comforting as needed.  I love it!

Screaming has become his communication method of choice.  Although he knows a few key signs he pretends he can't, or simply chooses to scream instead.  We're working on it.  He is babbling more and making some really cute sounds.  He loves to 'talk' to Josiah, watching his brother very closely for an example.

One of his favorite words is 'Abby'!  It sounds more like 'Abm'.  It's about the most precious sound I can imagine.  He says it so lovingly too.

I just love kissing those soft little curls on his head!

Oh, and he is giving kisses now too!  sweet wet ones!


marym said...

What a great photo of your "men"! So glad to get the update. Hopefully no news about Abby means she's doing better. Love you all and can't wait to see you soon!

The Ahmeds said...

Levi! You've grown so much!!