Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Levi!

Dear Levi,

What a wonderful first year we have spent with you. Today we remember 1 year ago when we first met you face to face and how in love we were! Now you are one year old and have such a precious personality. You like to be held and to cuddle, you are a very fast crawler, you think biting is funny, you don't like green beans or squash, you adore your big brother and have started saying Abby's name. You amaze us with your ability to learn and to love. We are so happy you are in our family and you bring a fresh delight each day.

We are so proud of you and we pray that you will grow to be a young man who loves our Lord and who loves to learn His Word and who follows in His footsteps no matter what! You are a special boy.

We love you Levi! Happy Birthday son...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Buddy!
Love, Daddy

marym said...

What a precious video of a precious little boy! We'll miss him and all of you. What a great family and we pray that the Lord continues to bless you with a deeper knowledge of Himself. We love y'all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEVI!

The Ahmeds said...

Happy Birthday, Levi!!! I sorta remember when VJ turned 1, what a michevious little boy!

coriejones said...

Happy Birthday Levi! what a sweet movie! he is such a cutie

Christy Younger said...

Happy Birthday, darling nephew!! You are such a cool kid and we love you so much.
The pics you guys are taking are AMAZING, seriously. What a wonderful movie!!
Love, Aunt Trusty