Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On his own...

Our second small munchkin has spent the past few days in TN with Grandma and Papa... all on his own! We met them halfway on Sunday where we handed him over for a uniquely special time alone with them. He has been anticipating this trip with great excitement and by the sound of his little voice over the phone he is enjoying every moment!

I am however missing him...

The house is very quiet and although I have one less child to feed, bathe, play with and potty I have not accomplished the things I thought I might while he is away. Oh well.

(Receiving his gymnastics medal)

We head up to meet him tomorrow and spend the weekend with our wonderful family. It will be a welcome break.

Abby has had a good seizure free week! Aside from some very fussy (and late I might add) nights she is making some slow progress.

Our appointment with neurology went well last week and it has been decided that we will get oxygen and a pulse ox monitor in our home. It will be used as needed for days or weekends like we've had in the past 6 weeks where she could benefit from a little extra help. Or should I say that I would benefit from a little extra information and peace of mind. Either way we should be getting them in the next few weeks.

Levi's first Birthday has snuck up on us and we will be celebrating a little early while in TN this week! The thought brings mixed emotions. We are so excited and amazed that our smallest munchkin has already reached this milestone, but a little saddened at the passing of time. He is such a delight and showing more and more personality and spunk with each day.

We are still so in love!

Recent visit to the Botanical Gardens:


The Ahmeds said...

Great job, Josiah! Happy Birthday, Levi! Way to go, Abby, for giving your parents a seizure free week!
The Bontanical Garden pictures look so familer. Is it the Huntsville Bontanical Gardens? We've been there so often. It's a great place,and we enjoy it! The treehouses are so great!! We saw all of them, and they are well-built,and so fun!

Christy Younger said...

Oh, your trip to the Botanical gardens looks wonderful!! Missing you already!