Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Levi!

Dear Levi,

One year has turned into two since you came into our lives.  Having you with us brings us so much joy and laughter!  You are such a fun little boy.  

This year you have mastered climbing things, jumping off the couch, pretending to be bat man and lots of other new skills.  You make us laugh when you say "Whoooaaa" while you are swinging or jumping off something!  It makes us smile when you say "Peas" (please) and "Ank You" (thank you).  You melt our hearts when you say "Abu" (love you)!  

You have become such a big boy these past several months.  Getting your hair cut was a big day!  You had such precious curls.  

Daddy loves holding you whenever he can... especially during church when you cry in the nursery.  He's teaching you to have fun in the water this summer, and to swim!  I love watching you play with 'Siah and holding you when you first wake up, even if you are grumpy.   Today you made me smile when you put Abby's rubber bands on top of her head when I stepped away... I knew you were trying to help.  

You are precious to us and we can't imagine not having you in our family!  We belong together, just like the song says in your Birthday video.

Love you buddy!
Daddy and Mommy, Abby and Josiah

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Christy Younger said...

Yay!!! Levi, Happy Birthday sweet little dude- we love you soooooo much! Loved your movie!!
Aunt Trust and fam