Monday, June 6, 2011

44 of Every Kind of Cupcake

Josiah Hull                                          Serves:  4 or 5
Age:  5 years

Icing                                                  Cupcakes
100 gallons sugar                              40 gallons honey
1 yummy, yummy ostrich                  8 gallons holly crust tree
                                                          40 m&m s

Wash your hands.  Turn the lights on so you can see what
you are doing.  First make the icing.  Put the sugar in a
bowl, then go outside and shoot a yummy, yummy ostrich
that has candy inside of it.  Bring it inside the house.  Mix
the candy that was inside the ostrich with the sugar for
two hours.

Cupcakes:  Put the honey and the holly crust tree in a
bowl and mix them together for 40 minutes.  Set the timer
for 40 minutes.  Then put the cupcakes in the stove and
set the clock for 40 minutes.  After 40 minutes, ring the bell
because you need to know when they are done.  After
you cook the cupcakes, put the m&m’s inside them, and
then put the icing on. 

Put the cupcakes in four boxes and deliver them to
everyone in the neighborhood.

1 comment:

marym said...

Sure wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could share in these yummy cupcakes! What a wonderful imagination! Love you all.