Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recovering Again

Abby is stable and at home. Her seizures have calmed and she is recovering from this whole ordeal... as are we.

The boys are getting used to having all of us home again, but we can tell the upheaval has taken a toll on them. Josiah is glad to have his sister back in his room again. Levi is becoming a little less clingy, and for the most part things are slowly getting back to 'normal'.

It's interesting to listen to J play with his toys. The new scenario now is that his pony and motorcycle rider are being rushed to the hospital b/c it's an "emergency." He instructs us all to be quiet because they are "very sick".

Here are some images from this week:


The Ahmeds said...

Thank God! Levi and Josiah are cute!

Molly and Brad said...

Glad she is home. Praying for your sweet family.