Saturday, May 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Recovery is going very well for Abby since coming home Thursday. The days have been full of rest and times of comfortable alertness. She has even played with some of her toys! This is a great sign.

Papa and Grandma came to our rescue and have showered J and L with some much needed attention and fun. They both slept till after 8:30 am this morning! Needless to say, we are all getting some extra rest.

Their presence here has given me special time to cuddle with Abby and keep her comfortable. My heart is full of thankfulness that she is doing so well. I'm reminded what a fighter she is! And what a special gift she is from the Lord.

This week we are all grateful for the little things... just being together as a family.


gracie :) said...

This is so encouraging, Patty! It would be so wonderful if this is a huge breakthrough for her. We're grateful she is feeling better and hope she has some really great days ahead!!

Erin said...

thankful she is home and doing well and praying for continued recovery and healing.

coriejones said...

So glad she is home and feeling better! I know she is a fighter, no question!! I pray that you all get some much needed rest. Love you guys!