Friday, May 7, 2010

10 months

This post is about 20 days late, but I wanted to share some cute pictures of our littlest munchkin.

Levi continues to grow by leaps and bounds while acquiring all kinds of new skills. He is officially cruising the furniture now, although still a little wobbly. He is copying facial expressions and is particularly fond of what we call "the bull dog" face... scrunching up his nose and snorting like a dog. It's pretty funny!

He giggles more often now and even laughs when Josiah startles him or rough houses with him... most of the time. I find them playing together more and more as J learns to really share his "stuff".

We are still digging foreign "material" out of his mouth during most of his wakeful hours... carpet pieces, crumbs, small toys and even bugs! I know, it's gross. Lets just say he is very curious!

(chillin' with Dad during Abby's surgery)

(passing the time during A's surgery)

(How we traveled at Children's)

Two top teeth are barely peeking through now making it easier to eat his new snack... Cheerios! We are excited b/c these are so much cheaper than the baby puffs.

He is understanding more words like "night night" and "no". There are plenty of opportunities to practice the second. (fire place, computer cords and anything else not edible) During their recent visit Papa actually thought he saw L sign "no"!! I'm not surprised, he sees it often enough.

It is so much fun to see him growing and changing every day. He is wearing mostly 12 month sizes and will be going for his one year well-check at the end of this month.

(Loving on Abby after surgery)


She is still recovering and seems to need pain meds from time to time. Toned down versions of therapy have started back this week. I can tell she has lost some muscle strength in her trunk and for holding her head up.

Before the shunt emergency happened her GJ tube fell out while we were in K-ville. We put in a temporary G-button in it's place, hoping to give her a trial run without having to place the GJ again. We think she might be refluxing some, but it's hard to tell.

Well, today her new G-button fell out while we were at UCP! I couldn't believe it and was rather unprepared. After examining it I found a leak that wasn't visible from the outside of the balloon. Our insurance won't pay for another replacement this soon, but I worked with our supply company to get the manufacturer to reimburse them for the defective tube. whew!

Just a little tid-bit of the excitement that comes with caring for our little sweetie.


The Ahmeds said...

Levi is so cute!!! :)
Sorry you had such a time iwth Abby...:(

Keri said...

I love Levi's chubby cheeks! :)