Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TN Christmas- part A

It's already the beginning of the New Year and I'm just now going through our Christmas pictures, recalling a wonderful 10 days spent with family.

Some of our time in TN was spent with the Hull side of the family, and some was spent with the Job side... thus the split in posts.

We had so much fun and experienced so many wonderful days it would be almost impossible to include all the details, so I'll just try to capture some of the highlights in photos to give a glimpse of our Christmas.

Josiah spent a special day with Aunt Connie and Uncle Matt, coming home with a new stuffed friend and memories to last a lifetime.  Thanks guys!

Thank you Papa and Grandma for making another Christmas special for ALL of us!


Keri said...

I really think you have the 3 most beautiful children in the world. (aside from my own 2, of course). ;) And I loved the pics from the aquarium. That's awesome about Abby taking it all in!

Christy Younger said...

Such precious pics, Levi's face in that first family pic had me rolling!! So cute!