Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7 months

Levi has changed so much this past month!  He seems to be doing something new every day.

Our new nickname for him has become "our little traveler".  He is up on hands and knees rocking back and forth, with an occasional scoot forward.  Crawling is just around the corner!  I can't believe it.  He will be crawling before he sits by himself.

All the little toys and nick-knacks lying around the living room floor have to be picked up and put out of sight now.  Although I don't usually see it happening, he makes it from point A to point B in no time!  Yesterday we found him reaching into the toy basket (several feet from where we put him down).

He is also saying "Ba Ba" all the time, and sharing zirburts (you all know I can't spell).  It is so cute.  We have been signing with him for a while and this gets BIG smiles from him.  Josiah is even refreshing his sign vocab to help us.

We started rice cereal a few weeks ago.  He was not thrilled.  Although we aren't in a hurry it sure is fun to feed babies that will eat.  I remember when J started eating solids!  It thrilled us to no end that he could and would gobble down anything we gave him!  After 6 years of trying it's honestly still hard that Abby won't eat.  

Speaking of Abby, it's been a difficult few weeks.  Her behavior has been very challenging for me.  The finger biting and moaning has brought me to my knees on several occasions, and feelings of insanity on a few.  The socks have gone on her hands in an attempt to save her poor chewed up skin.  

We still feel that something is wrong... pain, discomfort or extreme frustration.  It comes and goes.

This has taught us to be mindful of the mental health of our partner.  Patrick has been so good about letting me 'escape' when I need to at the end of a trying day.

We have been setting aside time each day to pray for Abby, to bring her many issues before our Father.  It is painfully obvious that only He knows what is wrong.

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Christy Younger said...

Oh, praying for Abbers so much. Our sweet girl. Love you all so much, Levi is sooooooo cute and Happy Birthday Patrick!!!
Love, Trusty