Monday, January 25, 2010

New Cocktail

Seizures.  What can I say about them except...

I can't even find the words to describe how frustrating they are.

The past several weeks we have seen a significant increase in Abby's daily seizure activity.  She's having more of the complex partial ones but also the staring episodes.  They both leave her exhausted and very irritable.  They come regardless of where we are, what we are doing or what time of day/night it is.  Therapy lately has been a joke.  Abby just drops her little head and falls asleep in the middle of an activity.  Sometimes we don't even notice the seizure, they can be so subtle.

Today we took her in to see the Neurologist (two weeks early from her scheduled appt).  We talked over all the things we are seeing, Abby's irritable behavior, recent medication changes and lots of other details.  

She concluded that 

1.  The Banzel that we added several months ago is no longer working.  (a problem with other patients as well)
2.  The Keppra could very likely be causing some of her irritability, since she's been on it over 4.5 yrs.  
3.  We have a little wiggle room with the Zonegran.

The plan:

1.  Draw labs and check medication levels (we did in the office)
2.  Start decreasing the Keppra, very slowly
3.  Start decreasing the Banzel, very slowly  (it's no longer working)
4.  Start giving daily doses of the Clonazepam that we give during times of illness (during the transitions)
5.  Increase the Zonegran
6.  Consider adding a new med, or resorting back to the Lamictal she was on before.

After a lot of worry and prayer (I know it's supposed to be in the opposite order, but I'm trying to be honest), we are hopeful that this new plan will yield some positive results for Abby.

Unfortunately nothing happens quickly in this arena but at least we have a change of course with a small light at the end of our tunnel.

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gracie :) said...

Lord Jesus, please have mercy on sweet Abby. Touch her little body and bring relief from these tiresome seizures. Let her feel your presence and your love each time they occur. Give grace and strength to the parents who love her so much. Fill their home with an abundance of your peace! Thank you that you are God above all that we do not understand.