Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yes, we actually got some snow here in Alabama!  But, although it looked beautiful I didn't venture out in it this weekend.  Abby has been sick on and off this past week so we have just hunkered down in our warm, cozy house and enjoyed spending time with Gigai (my mom).

The funny thing is that Patrick took Josiah on a special trip to CA to visit our cousins Bill and Shannon with their kids Maddie and Hunter.  Guess what they got to do?  


I'm jealous. 

(taken with a cell phone)


Bill, Shannon, Maddie & Hunter said...

That looks so fun!! Wish I coulda been there....oh wait, I was!! Missed you Patty!

Bill & Shannon

Christy Younger said...

So Cute!!

The Ahmeds said...

Good for you all! Noah and I ddi play in the snow, while babysitting VJ, who was just standing there, watching inawe.. he goes" It snowing!"