Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seizures in paradise

October has become a very special month for our family.  Because of the good prices, and Fall break for Aunt Connie, we all head down to beautiful Florida for our yearly family vacation!  We look forward to this week all year long and always have so much fun together.

It is also (unfortunately) becoming our tradition for Abby to have some sort of crisis on our way to paradise.  For some folks, you might remember our exhausting trip last year where she started getting sick on our way down and had seizures all night in our hotel.  Last year it turned out to be strep throat.

This year we had a de ja vu experience in the same hotel!  Again she started running a fever at bed time and started having seizures.  For the following 4 hours she had some strange, repetitive behavior we weren't familiar with.  After holding her and watching her have these new seizures for 2 hours we finally gave in and administered her emergency seizure med (Diastat).  After 20 minutes or so she started to calm down and finally fell asleep.

With the room quiet again I just laid in bed, listening to her breathe.  After 2 hours had passed and I was starting to get dizzy with fatigue, she woke up and started back into her strange behavior pattern.  At that point I knew something needed to happen.  So in our typical, familiar, half-panic mode we talked with our neurologists' nurse who instructed us to take her to the ER.

At 4 in the morning we loaded up our many bags and 3 small children to drive the 1.5 hours back to Children's hospital.  As expected Abby went through the typical pokes, prods, caths, x-rays and CT scan in search of a cause.  Everything was fine.  Shunt looked good.  She finally conked out after all was said and done in the ER and slept.

To top off this 'special' day Levi fell in a wagon at the hospital and chipped his two front teeth.

This was the start to a very long trip, but what turned out to be an amazing family vacation.  

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