Thursday, November 17, 2011

Biometric Fingerprints

very excited after our fingerprinting!

Trying to catch up on the events of this past month!  So much has happened.

One huge blessing occurred on our way to Florida (before Abby's event).  We had received our invitation from USCIS (immigration) to come to their office in Birmingham to have our biometric fingerprints taken.  Well, of course the date was set for the week we were going to be enjoying the beach!  This was a big disappointment as we had been waiting for this letter to come in the mail.

We prayed.  We prayed for a solution.  I found a few people on an adoption forum talking about 'walking in' to get their prints done.  So we asked our heavenly Father for the opportunity to walk in to the office in B'ham the day we started our trip, not on our scheduled date.

On October 21st we walked into the office and both got our prints taken, no problem.  As I was sitting in the waiting area the man at the computer told the guard at the door, "no more walk-in's today."  I guess we barely squeezed in!  Praise the Lord!

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