Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Orthopedic clinic

Yesterday Abby had her yearly orthopedic check up.  We got x-rays of her hips to take with us.  He usually checks her hips, the tightness in her legs and her back to see if there are any changes.  We also get our scrips for new orthotics when we see him.

This year he noticed on her x-rays that her hips are slowly starting to come out of joint.  It's a common problem with people living with CP.  He told us it can cause pain, especially as the child grows.  There's no amount of stretching, or casting, or special positioning that can stop the progression or improve it.  He said the only way to treat it is with surgery.  At this point he doesn't recommend it for Abby, mostly because he doesn't want to put her through it.

Although I wasn't expecting to get this news, I'm not totally surprised.  Living with cerebral palsy affects every part of one's body.  From head control all the way down to problems with the toes.  He explained that the increased muscle tone in her legs will just cause the leg to be slowly pulled out of socket.

Now we'll need to pay attention to how she reacts to diaper changes and position changes.  It could become painful for her.

Thankfully she has been doing really well lately!  Her seizures are mostly controlled and she seems content again.

One day at a time...

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