Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We started Kindergarten with Josiah recently at home!  It's been fun, interesting, challenging and an adjustment for everyone.  Since we are truly beginners at homeschooling we went with a complete curriculum (Sonlight) that provides everything we need for the year.  And I mean everything!  Down to the paper clips and clay used for the science projects.  This is very helpful for me, since I'm not creative at all.

This is week #5 for us and we've already made some mistakes, gotten behind and made a few tweaks to the schedule in order to make it work for us.  I'm convinced it will take at least a year before I'm comfortable with how things go during the day.  I'm enjoying the time with Josiah, watching him learn and seeing him get excited about new concepts, and reading good stories.  But, don't get me wrong.  We've had our tearful days and bad attitudes... and I do mean WE!

It's fun getting Dad involved when he gets home too.  J loves for Daddy to read to him and help him with his math book.  Daddy is just better at things after a long day with Mommy.  :)

It's been interesting peppering J's lessons between Abby's 7 weekly appointments.  He's not able to do any of his work unsupervised, so we are all learning together.  Patience truly is a virtue I'm in desperate need of these days!  My need for the Lord is incredibly tangible and I'm reminded of His promises every morning.

creating letters with wooden shapes- "Handwriting Without Tears"



Carrie Kokoska said...

Awesome! We did sonlight our first year but switched to abekka this year...lots of good times and and always crazy. Sure is great to know that I am raising my own kids instead of the school system. What a blessing for a family to have kids and also be able to spend time teaching and learning from them! I'll be praying for your journey. Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Patty, since I read your post a few days ago. Sonlight is a very full program. Can you save the science for Saturday mornings with your husband? Or save some of the reading for the evenings? Or only do school 4 days a week and continue on a bit into the summer? Or pick several of the books out to save for reading on car rides or on holidays? Praying for God's guidance for sweet pockets of time to work with Josiah.~ Chris A