Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Abby!

Dear Abby,

Today you are turning eight years old darling girl.  How did we get here so fast?

You have had a good year overall and we are so thankful for relief from the reflux for you.  Your desire to communicate has blossomed and we see your sweet personality more and more each day.  You are getting bigger and now weigh about 36 lbs!  How we remember celebrating every ounce that you gained in the beginning.

One Big thing we celebrated this year was making it 12 months without any BIG seizures!!  We have prayed for you to be free from these awful seizures and the Lord answered!  Each time we drive by the pediatric ER I say a prayer of thanksgiving.  We haven't had to rush you there in a long time!

You started the second grade a few weeks ago and continue to learn and grow with the help of some special teachers.  It's fun to see you take interest in certain toys.  Just the other day you held your little curious george monkey for almost 10 minutes straight!

We are so proud of you!  Your life has touched so many people and we just adore you.

We love you soooo much!

- Dad and Mom
(Josiah and Levi too)


gracie :) said...

Happy Birthday, dear Abby. We are so happy to have you a part of our lives. You are such a special girl and a blessing to your family!

lisa said...

Happy Birthday! So sweet Patty, the video :-) Hope you guys are doing great! Would love to "run" into you guys some day again-your such a sweet family and glad we met you guys! Jonah is doing great and we start adoption this month! Praying for you guys about yours! God bless!

coriejones said...

It was so great to see you all! I cant believe it has been 8 years. Abby will never know how much she changed my life! I love you guys!

Christy Younger said...

Oh, how I love you Abby! I love how this movie lets me see the beautiful ways you have grown, and touched all of us! Love you, 8 year old girl!!
Aunt Trusty