Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home Study Complete!

Yes!  The first BIG portion of our adoption process is finished.  Whew!

The past 4+ months have been filled with paper work, questions, social worker visits, W2's, and hours of reading and education on international adoption issues.  We've really enjoyed the process and feel like we've learned so much.  Going into this journey Expecting some complications was helpful, especially when I had to go down to the police station for a third time to be fingerprinted!  Apparently my prints were terrible due to lots of hand-washing... can't really be helped.

Josiah helping me put together 'most' of our home study paperwork.

Now we move forward to apply for our Citizenship and Immigration clearance.  While we wait for this to be processed we will be preparing our Dossier.  This is the group of documents that will be notarized, certified and authenticated before being sent to the China Center of Adoption Affairs.  Once this happens we will be officially "logged in" with the Adoption Center and will wait for our referral!

All of this takes a lot of time and waiting.  So, we have plenty of opportunity to read up on adoption related issues.  We want to get some good children's books on adoption so we can be openly discussing this during the next several months.  Josiah is already very aware of the process.

Any suggestions about books on this topic are welcome!

We already found a lending library (APAC) that has many good resources we can borrow.

This definitely is an adventure!


Christy Younger said...

Way to go, guys!! You have worked so hard of all of this! May God expecially bless this waiting period ahead. Love you!!

Terri Ann said...

This is so exciting! What a milestone :)
I highly suggest "what is adoption" by Sophie Stergianis. Also, "the Adoption Book" by Todd Parr. And..."A Mother for Choco"...for your new little one. I have a zillion children's books on adoption, so just ask if you need more :)

lisa said...

Yay!!Awesome!! We have several books-will have to get the titles for you. We went to court last week, and have a new date in Nov to start papework on our little boy. Praying for you guys!

Graham and Emily Murray said...

PABA!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! What a huge relief and what a giant milestone!!! I'm totally celebrating with you!! I love having someone in our fam going through the same process as we are, it's totally encouraging just to know that you know how I'm feeling, and when it's hard to wait and gather paperwork over and over and redo fingerprints a million times I can remember that you're doing it too, and somehow that makes it easier!!

We have a mother for Choco and it's sweet. Also someone gave us A Blessing From Above.

Ok so this isn't a kids book, but have you read The Connected Child? I really like it- like all things I take and leave different parts of it, but I thought it was super helpful on the whole. Also, if you wanna bawl your eyes out to sweet adoption stories, read Baby We Were Meant For Eachother by Scott Simon.

Love you Pabs!! So excited about your little one to come!! Kiss on A J and L for me!!