Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Palate repair recovery

Today has been a good day!  Jack woke up this morning, sat up in bed and drank some juice.  He kept signing "eat" but only took a few tiny bites of his pureed breakfast.  Later he managed to eat a popsicle.  

His doc came by early this morning and planned for us to stay another night.  By this afternoon Jack was doing so well drinking fluids and taking his oral pain meds Dr. R said we could go home!  We are all really glad to be home and sleeping in our beds.

Jack is such a good little patient!  We sat together in his crib all morning, playing with legos and watching cartoons and the food network.

The Elmo balloon was his main comfort item.  Patrick got it for him when he was so upset after waking from anesthesia and hurting.  He never let go of that balloon, even in his sleep.  The nurses commented on how funny he was, clutching his balloon.  He even tried to feed Elmo his drinks and pudding!

packing up to go home

We will be enjoying having Daddy home for a while... he was furloughed today from work.  


Stephany said...

Great news...amen, amen, amen! We love you!

Evan and Marta said...

Andrew saw these pictures and said, "There's my cousin!" Glad you're home.