Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glaucoma returns

Abby's eyes have changed color.  She's always had beautiful, dark brown eyes. Now they almost look blueish gray.  Didn't think that is supposed to happen this late in the game, so we had them checked out by her retina specialist today.   

He confirmed that I am NOT crazy and that her corneas are cloudy/hazy and noticeably different than previous visits.  They checked her eye pressures and discovered them to be significantly elevated!  He had taken her off the glaucoma drops at our last visit.  I think they measured around 19 last time, which was acceptable.  Today they were 44!

I guess she proved she really does need the drops.  He told us that high eye pressures cause the changes we were noticing.   Typical Abby... she doesn't mess around!  Precious girl.  

On a heavier note we are praying she isn't having discomfort with these high pressures...

Hoping to see those deep, dark, brown eyes again soon.

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