Tuesday, December 11, 2012

one month HOME

Jack Nathan- 22 months

These 4 weeks have skipped right on by, with out much mention of how we are surviving.  Let's just say there are more smiles, more teeth to brush, more sippy cups to rinse, more diapers to change, more holding, more cuddles, more squabbles, and more reasons to get up in the morning... whether I FEEL like it or not!

More laundry, more eating, more sweeping and more lost shoes...

Precious, new, little eyes.  New expressions.  New cries.  New sounds from the crib. New toes to tickle.  

Folding baby clothes again.  

There is some searching of my emotions to find a "box" to put this new feeling in.  Exhaustion is part of our days too.  Less sleep, less time to sit... less time to finish anything.




It's all a gift.

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