Friday, December 14, 2012

a micropreemie story

Since bringing Abby home from the NICU at just a breath over 5 pounds, I've hounded the internet and books for any information pertaining to my preemie miracle.  Yesterday I got an email from one of the groups I've been reading.  A mom shared the story of her 23 week micropreemie.  She's a writer for the Tampa Bay Times.  She captures her journey with a micropreemie more accurately than any I've read before... parts of it were like reading my own story.

You can read all 3 parts of her story, Never Let Go.

Although this topic is a heavy one for many families faced with the decisions of care for their medically fragile children, we are so thankful that our Hope is the Lord.  It was clear to us from the beginning that He loves Abby and He has a plan for her.

She has some very hard days, but she is one of the most Loved children I know... by family, friends, nurses, doctors and folks we've never met all over the world!

Click HERE to see statistics for a 23 week preemie

Click HERE to check out the delicate science of caring for preemies.


Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Beautiful video. We know all too well the decision to continue care on a fragile preemie (28wks). Although my son has severe CP he is, like you said, one of the most loved and happiest kiddo I know. He's a blessing.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog!!! I'm sorry it took so long to hop over and say hi! :) I spent some time reading about your adoption journey, and OH MY. Bless your sweet hearts! I am SO glad your son is okay!!! Jack Nathan is PRECIOUS!!! Oh my, so darling!!! I'm looking forward to following your family!!!! xoxo

coriejones said...

What a great article about the NICU experience from a parent perspective. When she talked about the primary nurse dressing up the baby I though of our photo shoots with Abby. I know God has always had big plans for Abby and has already used her in so many ways. She is such a blessing and so are her parents! Love you all!