Monday, February 27, 2012

Log-In Date!

We have been approved by the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption!  Today is our official "Log-In" date.  This means that we are paper-ready to be matched with a child.

There is a particular child we have been praying about for several months now.  Because this process is not controlled by us at all, we don't know if this child will become part of our family... but we can hope and pray for our files to be matched up.

While we wait it's just nice to know that the possibility of a match is just around the corner.

This is uplifting news on a difficult day.  We miss Sammy.  He's been with the Lord two weeks today.  The weekend has left us a bit haggard as Abby wasn't feeling well and seized day and night!  Yesterday she had over 15 seizures, despite several extra doses of her medications.

So today we are quietly recovering and rejoicing at home.

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Graham and Emily Murray said...

Oh, Paba!!! I'm so excited and heartbroken for you guys all at the same time!! Been thinkin' and praying for you guys and all the Hulls this last couple of weeks. Love you guys!!! So much!!!