Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lights Out

Storms barreled through our part of the country leaving behind destruction and loss.

We are thankful to be in tact and are learning to enjoy our "camp out" at home.

Abby had her surgery follow up appointment today and we barely made it to the hospital! Since the power is out there is no gas. We just didn't realize how far south the power was affected.

2 blocks from Children's and running on fumes we have never been so relieved to pay a small fortune for a fill up!

Due to her recent tummy troubles and digestion issues the dr. ordered a belly x-ray. Nothing to be concerned about from a surgery point of view. He will see her again in 2 months to follow up.

We need to give her gut more time to recover from surgery, and possibly consider a different diet.

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BusyLizzyMom said...

Just catching up. Glad to see the fundo went well and they could do it laparscopically.
The kids have grown up so much.
Have you tried a blended diet with Abby? It is alot of work but it has been helpful to some children whose reflux is not subsiding.