Friday, February 18, 2011

Scratch that...


RSV has hit our house and Abby is really sick.  Today we had to cancel her surgery.  Anesthesia won't consider her ready for surgery until 4 weeks out.  Major Bummer!!

Our poor little girl is just miserble.  Praying that she won't need a trip to the hospital.  Last time she had RSV she ended up in ICU on a vent, after a very long seizure!

We are starting antibiotics today for a likely 2ndary infection (sinus infection, pneumonia).

Although this feels like a big setback we know that our Heavenly Father knows all about Abby and her needs!  His timing is best.


23 weekers said...

Oh Patty, so sorry to hear. It's been a terrible winter. Kinnick are Carver are finally starting to feel better, but still not off oxygen. The Augmentem has done wonders - great drug! We were doing breathing treatments around the clock and motrin/tylenol around the clock. I was so exhausted, I colapsed and missed 2 days of work. I would do it again to keep my kids out of the hospital. I've also found that extra water helps, too. Hope Abby is feeling better very soon.

Thinking of you,

23 weekers said...

Patty, I don't know if you've tried Elecare with Abby. Kinnick has a bad fundo - needs redone. She has terrible reflux. In fact, the last time we tested, she had over 200 non-acid reflux episodes in 24 hrs. Non-acid means the prevacid is controlling the acid, but the reflux still exists. Since we switched her to the Elecare, it's been so much better. It's pre-digested and goes through their system so much faster - doesn't have as much time to reflux.

Just a thought,

Cathy said...

I am so sorry your little girl is sick. Praying that she gets over this quick with no hospitalization. She looks like she feels so bad. Doesn't it just break your heart when they are so sick.