Monday, February 7, 2011


This past month has been full of changes and waiting.

Abby had yet another feeding tube placed last week.  This one will stay.  It is a non-balloon, low profile G-button for those interested.  It's called a Mini-One.  So far we like it!  And contrary to our predictions, Abby seems to be more comfortable with it.  That is the best part of all the changes.

We got a call last Thursday from her GI doc's office reporting that all the kinks had been worked out and the surgeon has agreed to perform the repeat Nissen Fundoplication without any further testing.  This was great news!  (He was present during her procedure last month and saw her esophagus and state of the previous Fundo done 7 yrs ago)  

Now we are waiting for a call from the surgeon's office for a surgery date.

During all these changes Abby has lost a few pounds.  Her doc wants to change her back to Pediasure for her nutrition instead of the special (expensive) formula she's been on for Jejunal feeds.  We are really hoping this change in formula will help her digestive system function more normally and eliminate some of the problems she's experienced while on the Peptamin.  Before the J-feeds began 4 yrs ago she rarely had bowel trouble and we could effectively manage things easily by adding water to her feeds.  This has been a big source of trouble for us lately!

Looking forward to new days of comfort ahead for Abby and time to spend on other things like growing and playing!

Another major change for our entire family hit this month for our sweet Papa.  Last week he was diagnosed with cancer.  We are praying for his health, healing, strength and comfort!  We love you Papa!

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Angela said...

Praying for Papa's health. I hope you get your call soon for a surgery date! I've been missing my blogging friends...hope to catch up soon!