Sunday, January 16, 2011

Days 6 and 7

It's been a rough weekend for Abby.  Just more of the same discomfort, coupled with a few changes.

Saturday I had her in the bath *carefully* changing her dressings.  As I struggled with a stubborn piece of tape, out popped her feeding tube!  Now, normally it's not a huge deal to change a simple G-tube (not GJ-tube).  But being that this one was placed for a purpose by her doctor I was really trying to keep it in till her appointment.  And being that I have somewhat of a pride issue, I really wanted to show up to our appointment with it still intact... just to show him that we could do it.

To my surprise I was able to maneuver it back into her stomach.  And it worked!  At least until this morning.  Abby had several seizures during church and after about the 5th one I looked down and saw that her pants and shirt were soaked in formula/medications.  yuck.  I knew it had popped out again during one of her seizures.

We gave up on that crazy tube and put in a new Mic-key button.  There's nothing like an obnoxious change to make you appreciate what you had!  I actually missed that G-button.  It's so much easier to use than the 12+ inch, tape laden contraption she had this past week.

The purpose is the same- feeding into her stomach.  And we now know it doesn't matter what type of tube it is, she is just as miserable with both.

It's 10 pm and she is finally settled into bed and comfortably asleep, after 12 seizures and hours of agitation.

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Christy Younger said...

Ohhhhhh precious Abby!! My heart is hurting for you... and praying.