Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!


23 Weekers said...

Beautiful Pictures!

Molly and Brad said...

What a gorgeous fam! :) Good to see you at Triple C!

23 Weekers said...

Hi Patty,

Just checking on Abby. Hope she's doing well.

It's funny you said something about the ST EIO Push Chair. We actually bought one recently. I also bought the inserts for it. It's a great stroller. I've been going crazy trying to find the right chairs for Carver. I think I'm a bit obsessed with it. I've lost count of how many chairs we've bought. It's crazy.

I loved the potty seat that you got. Carver is not close to potty training at all. But, when he is, I'll be looking that seat up!

Hope all is well,