Wednesday, December 8, 2010

17 months

Precious Levi is growing and changing faster than I can record his cuteness!

He is talking more and has really picked up in his signing too.  He says: Momma, 'Siah, Abby, Dada, apple (apo), stuck, banana (nana), more (mo), door (doe), Papa, no, diaper (di), baby, grapes (gay).

He signs most of the above and also "all done,""up," "hurt," "sick," "bird," "sing" and a few others.  I love hearing his little voice and watch his hands tell me what he wants.

Grapes are his favorite thing in the world!  He asks for grapes every day and cries if we don't have any.  He still likes to throw things. Anything and everything.  Bathrooms have a particularly strong draw for some reason, where he loves to pull all the toilet paper off the rolls and explore the toilet.  *cringe*  Today I found him about to throw a CD in!!   We try to keep the door closed but any opportunity to enter is taken.

He's quite the climber too.  He climbs on the kitchen table, the counters, the train table, the piano, any and all chairs, a stool.  I'm surprised he hasn't attempted our Christmas tree!  He does however love to rip off the low hanging ornaments and chuck them across the room.  Why did we get a tree this year?

It's been fun to watch the boys play together.  Levi has developed a high tolerance for tackling, although there are a few tears shed every day.  Someday he will have his turn to be the tackler!

He weighs about 22 lbs.  Just right for a good squeeze!

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Extreamly cute!