Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Vacation 2009

Our family spent a week in Florida last month relaxing, swimming and just hanging out together.  We had a gorgeous house with private beach access and a private swimming pool!  

This year we added two new members to our group.  Matt is our new brother-in-law and of course, our little Levi!

On the way down we stopped in Montgomery at the Boundless Playground there.  They have equipment that is accessible for children in wheel chairs.  It proved to be a nice break from our long journey.

The time we spent together this year was truly peaceful and restful.  Watching the ocean waves, the diving birds, and just taking time to stroll down the beach was very soothing.

One of the things we were most thankful for was that Abby had a good week!  No sickness, few seizures and restful afternoons were all answers to our prayers.  She spent time in the pool, feeling the sand and going for cart rides on the beach.  She did especially great in the car both ways too.  We think this vacation was great for her little spirit!

Thank you Papa and Grandma!


Christy Younger said...

Oh my goodness!! Those pics are all amazing, seriously!! Thanks for sharing them :)

coriejones said...

Beautiful pictures!!! looks like a wonderful time!