Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5 months

Our little guy is 5 months old!

He is 15 lbs 11 oz and in the 50 %ile for growth.  We just pulled out the next size up (3-6 mon) outfits as he is busting out of the 3 month size.  *sigh*   He is growing way too fast.

His new trick is rolling from tummy to back.  

He sucks his thumb like a pro, and is sleeping longer nights.  Lately he has gone to bed around 9 pm and waking about 6 am!  Yippee for us.

He loves to be on his tummy looking at the colorful blankets.  Pushing up on his hands has become a favorite position while flashing a winning grin!  We often find him looking around his crib when we get him out of bed after naps.  

This week has been full of sickness for Josiah, and for Abby also.  Poor 'Siah had the stomach bug Sunday which lingered 'till Tuesday.  Fortunately today he is feeling much better!  Abby has been acting sick, running a low grade fever and having lots of seizures.  In the last 2 days she has had 12.  

We've been giving her the extra seizure meds (saved for times of illess) to ward off the prolonged, horrible ones.  So far, so good.

It's Wednesday and we are trudging through the rest of the week, thinking about Thanksgiving and looking forward to getting out of the house more.

Here is the "Thankfulness Turkey" we made today:


Keri said...

I love your thankful turkey! I especially love that you give thanks for health despite all the battles you all fight on a regular basis. 1 Thess 5:16-18 - giving thanks in ALL circumstances. :)

The Ahmeds said...

Levi is SO cute! Thank the Lord he doesn't have any probablms. 'm sorry about Abby,and Josiah, i hope they feel better soon! I like the Thanksgiving Turkey!!!