Sunday, November 17, 2013

No Shave November and the Monkey Tail

(Abby is briefly in this video)

November… a beautiful season of color, cool weather, thoughts of Thanksgiving and… No shaving!

Patrick has faithfully "celebrated" No Shave November for years, much to my dismay.  This year he spearheaded a fundraising and team building event at work to raise money for a worthy cause!  Ambucs serves people with disabilities by providing adaptive bikes, individually fitted for each person's needs.  Abby has one!

A large group of NASA employees agreed to grow beards this month in order to shave a crazy design at the end… and wear it all week!  

Designs were chosen for people to vote for by placing money in the jar of their desired (least embarrassing) look.  The money collected will go towards a very special bike for a very special child!

Abby on her AmTryke
The choices were Federation Standard (clean shaven), Fu Man Chu, The Bat Man, Chin Curtain, Monkey Tail and the Franz Joseph.

The guys raised enough for 6 BIKES (>$2100)!!  And the Monkey Tail won.  

So, for the next week, the guys will sport this look.

The Monkey Tail!
The kids are big fans!


Stephany said...

I love Patrick's new look and agree with the kids! You ROCK cousin!

rk2 said...

My first thought after reading the sentence above the second picture was, "Well, that's cool of Levi to not shave in November." Love the monkey tail!

Evan and Marta said...


Daniel said...

Love the Monkey Tail, Definitely the look of a rocket scientist. :)