Wednesday, September 11, 2013


X-rays yesterday revealed pneumonia, explaining the continued high fever.  They were finally able to take her off Bipap yesterday around noon and onto high flow oxygen.  She's getting the big gun antibiotics, chest pounding and suctioning from our friends in respiratory therapy.  Two big guys with tender hearts for sick kids... they've been good comic relief.

This morning she is grunting a little with her breathing, but saturating great without oxygen.  There is talk of putting her on nasal cannula to help give a little forced oxygen into her lungs, just to help her lungs stay inflated.

She looks much better and is more awake and alert today.

Thank you for praying!

A faithful friend... 

enjoying a special picture from her brothers


coriejones said...

Prayers she gets better soon!!

Stephany said...

Will continue to pray...I'm so glad she's doing better and that the brothers can cheer her a bit!